My Easter 2016

Here is a video of my Easter that I have worked really hard on. Something I love about it is how genuine it is, the shakiness and fingers over the camera. I hope you like it :))


-Florenceeliza xox

My new blog

A couple of days ago I thought of something which had never before crossed my mind. I was like; I should make a blog and post things I love on it, completely random things that I want to remember. Then I realized I already have a blog, which is supposed to be that. I feel like I have been posting things that I think other people will like instead of myself. I wanted the reader to like my posts even if I didn’t, and hardly any people would have seen it anyway. From now one I will be running this blog the way I want to. I just thought I would post this to let people know that my content from now on will always be pure me. I am also going to delete the posts I don’t necessarily like.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like my “new” blog. 🙂

-Florenceeliza xox

26 annoying things my cat does

This is my cat Olive. I love her, but she can be really annoying. Here are 26 annoying things she does.

IMG_3683i phone pics 359

1.) Meows really loudly in your face when you are busy when all she wants you do is stand next to her while she eats

2.) Takes up all the room in your bed

3.) Sleeps in really awkward places that you need to get to

4.) Wakes you up at 3 am by purring in your face

5.) As soon as you wake up she disappears

6.)Gets mud all over your bed

7.) Goes up on the table when your eating

8.) Tries to eat your food

9.) Makes you open doors for her when she can do it herself

10.) Makes you open the cat flap for her

11.) Knocks things over to get your attention

12.) Rips up important papers

13.) Gets really picky about food

14.) Poos on the floor

15.) Won’t sit on your lap or let you pick her up

16.) Spends most of her time either outside or sleeping

17.) Is really easy to step/sit on because she is so small

18.) Brings in live mice and lets them run about on your bed really early in the morning (that happened once and it was literally the scariest experience of my life, even though the mouse was kind of cute)

19) Brings in frogs, rats, mice – animals. It’s annoying at any time of day!]

20.) She sticks her head in your shopping bags

21.) As soon as you buy a big bag of cat food she stops liking the brand

22.) Hides in really strange places and makes you jump

23.) Plays with power cords and headphones but takes not interest when you give her string

24.) Leaves cat hair EVERYWHERE

25.) Is really affectionate when your busy but ignores you when you want her to be cuddly

26.) Can get you to do anything because her face is so cute!

I know my recent posts have a been a bit different to my usual ones, but as it gets warmer I will probably go back to doing life hacks, diys ect. I have been struggling for ideas recently (I hate Winter) but I am trying my best. If you have any suggestions for what I should post, please comment them. It would help a lot! :b

-Florenceeliza xox








My new years resolutions

The new year is getting closer and closer, (Christmas is in 3 days!!!!) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my resolutions to be. Here is what I came up with.

  1. Get out the house more. When it starts getting cold I end up spending more and more time inside doing nothing. I definitely want to get out more in January.
  2. Read. I used to read so much when I was younger, but then technology evolved and I found myself doing it less and less. This is probably the most important resolution to me.
  3. Cut down on screen time. I spend way too much time on technology and I generally think my eyesight is getting worse.
  4.  Be healthy. Especially this Winter I’ve had a junk food overload. It can be really temping to drink a hot chocolate or snack on a candy cane at Christmas time. I hope to abandon this habit next year and eat more healthily.
  5. Get organised. This is the last one on my list, and I think it is very important. I’m that one person who always forgets something or gets things mixed up. Being disorganised is a really bad trait and I hope I can get rid of it for good.

Thank you for reading 🙂

-Florenceeliza xox

What to do when you’re sick.

Being ill is NOT fun. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself happy whilst you get better.

First of all, make yourself a nice warm hot chocolate. It is going to be so comforting and satisfying and will make you feel a lot better. If you are very ill this probably isn’t the best idea, just to warn you.


Next of all, make a pile of blankets and snuggle up. Surf the internet, read, watch tv… getting some rest will help you get better and it is nice to have some down time every now and then.


Take a hot and steamy shower/bath. This is very relaxing and gives you something other to do than sit at home and be bored.

I know this post wasn’t super long but I really wanted to blog. I hope you liked it 🙂

-Florenceeliza xox

Autumn Photography

This post has been long overdue, because it took a lot longer to create than I first anticipated. I have worked quite hard on it, which is another reason why it took so long (I am very lazy). Also, not all these photos are autumnal but I took them in autumn so they are in the post anyway. I hope you like it 😉











Autumn Essentials

Autumn is here and I’m so excited! Usually I see Autumn as the cold and wet season, but for some reason I’m really excited for it this year. There’s the fashion, the hot chocolates, the delicious smelling candles… there are just so many bits and pieces which make all the difference to making your Autumn a cute one. Here are some of my essentials for this season.


My red tartan scarf (Primark). I love red tartan scarfs so much. They go with basically everything and are so so so pretty. Mine is really thick and soft (and I can use it as a blanket) and makes me feel so cozy. Also, the colours are pretty seasonal so it adds Autumn vibes to an outfit.



Fireside treats scented candle (Yankee Candle). I love scented candles, especially around this time of year. Autumn scents are so cozy and delicious smelling and ehisneidmfzwk… I just love them. I have fireside treats from Yankee Candle and when I light it, it makes my whole room smell of toasted marshmallows. I totally recommend this. (by the way I took the label off)


Gummy bears! These are my go-to snacks, and are perfect for long road trips. Gummy bears are delicious and pretty cute too. These are definitely my guilty pleasure!


My last essential is my white eyelash cardigan (New Look). This is so cute and warm and anyone that knows me knows that I wear this everywhere! This is an Autumn must have. (Also, sorry for bad picture quality.)


Thanks for reading! Let me know your essentials in the comment box. Bye :))

Florenceeliza xox

Life hacks for school

School. Endless boring classes, rambling teachers and waking up early. I think everyone can agree that school isn’t exactly fun! I have some simple life hacks to make it a little easier.


This is for when you don’t want loads of people asking you for gum. First of all, get an old lip balm and empty the contents. emiemdimd


Then you can put gum or sweets in it and no one will ask you for any because it looks like a lip balm! This also works if your trying to save your gum, because there is limited space in the container. I know that my gum doesn’t last, so this is perfect for people like me.



This is another gum hack, for people who aren’t allowed to chew gum in school. (This doesn’t work with short hair.)

h h h

Put your hair over your face while you chew so the teachers can’t see your mouth moving. Tried and tested! 😉


Here are some tips to help you wake up. Eating a sour fruit like lemon or lime in the morning will really wake you up, and have a glass of ice water. This has a bonus of keeping you hydrated and fitting in one of your 5 a day. Also, it’s good to have a shower. Use a citrus scented shower gel and turn the water cold for a few seconds before you get out. If you can’t be bothered to shower, wash your face with cold water. If you have to, put your alarm clock somewhere you can’t reach it, so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.



Use your friends stuff for tumblr pictures! This one is quite obvious yet people don’t do it enough. Take advantage of being at school and get some really instagram worthy pictures. You and your friends have cute stuff, and you can easily find somewhere to take a picture. Your school may not be really nice but it is probably quite big, so you will find somewhere. Sometimes you don’t need a tumblr background anyway, a brick wall or concrete works. Bags, waterbottles, pencil cases, lunchboxes… anything cute will work in the picture. If you’re really struggling on what to use, just think of things you’ve been complimented on in the past.



Make sure you check out, for an amazing blog.

Thanks for reading :))

Florenceeliza xox

DIY: infused water

If you’re a person who doesn’t drink enough water (totally guilty) then these three recipes are perfect for you! Not only do they taste great, they will get you drinking way more water too. I have definitely reduced the dark circles under my eyes from drinking so much of these. :)))

No.3 Strawberry and mint. I added about 7 strawberries and 5 mint leaves. Mint and strawberry taste really good together.
Strawberry and mint. I added about 7 strawberries and 5 mint leaves. Mint and strawberry really compliment each other.
No.2 Lime and cucumber. I put in 4 thin slices of cucumber and a whole lime. This one is so refreshing.
Lime and cucumber. I put in 4 thin slices of cucumber and 2/3 of a lime. This one is so refreshing.
No.1 Lemon. For this I added about 1 whole lemon. Adding too much lemon can make it quite sour, so be careful.
Lemon. For this I added about 1/2 a lemon. Adding too much lemon can make it quite sour, so be careful.

These are seriously so delicious! I bring them to school and everyone asks me for some. By the way, the bottle is from Urban Outfitters.

Florenceeliza xox

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