Autumn is here and I’m so excited! Usually I see Autumn as the cold and wet season, but for some reason I’m really excited for it this year. There’s the fashion, the hot chocolates, the delicious smelling candles… there are just so many bits and pieces which make all the difference to making your Autumn a cute one. Here are some of my essentials for this season.


My red tartan scarf (Primark). I love red tartan scarfs so much. They go with basically everything and are so so so pretty. Mine is really thick and soft (and I can use it as a blanket) and makes me feel so cozy. Also, the colours are pretty seasonal so it adds Autumn vibes to an outfit.



Fireside treats scented candle (Yankee Candle). I love scented candles, especially around this time of year. Autumn scents are so cozy and delicious smelling and ehisneidmfzwk… I just love them. I have fireside treats from Yankee Candle and when I light it, it makes my whole room smell of toasted marshmallows. I totally recommend this. (by the way I took the label off)


Gummy bears! These are my go-to snacks, and are perfect for long road trips. Gummy bears are delicious and pretty cute too. These are definitely my guilty pleasure!


My last essential is my white eyelash cardigan (New Look). This is so cute and warm and anyone that knows me knows that I wear this everywhere! This is an Autumn must have. (Also, sorry for bad picture quality.)


Thanks for reading! Let me know your essentials in the comment box. Bye :))

Florenceeliza xox