This is my cat Olive. I love her, but she can be really annoying. Here are 26 annoying things she does.

IMG_3683i phone pics 359

1.) Meows really loudly in your face when you are busy when all she wants you do is stand next to her while she eats

2.) Takes up all the room in your bed

3.) Sleeps in really awkward places that you need to get to

4.) Wakes you up at 3 am by purring in your face

5.) As soon as you wake up she disappears

6.)Gets mud all over your bed

7.) Goes up on the table when your eating

8.) Tries to eat your food

9.) Makes you open doors for her when she can do it herself

10.) Makes you open the cat flap for her

11.) Knocks things over to get your attention

12.) Rips up important papers

13.) Gets really picky about food

14.) Poos on the floor

15.) Won’t sit on your lap or let you pick her up

16.) Spends most of her time either outside or sleeping

17.) Is really easy to step/sit on because she is so small

18.) Brings in live mice and lets them run about on your bed really early in the morning (that happened once and it was literally the scariest experience of my life, even though the mouse was kind of cute)

19) Brings in frogs, rats, mice – animals. It’s annoying at any time of day!]

20.) She sticks her head in your shopping bags

21.) As soon as you buy a big bag of cat food she stops liking the brand

22.) Hides in really strange places and makes you jump

23.) Plays with power cords and headphones but takes not interest when you give her string

24.) Leaves cat hair EVERYWHERE

25.) Is really affectionate when your busy but ignores you when you want her to be cuddly

26.) Can get you to do anything because her face is so cute!

I know my recent posts have a been a bit different to my usual ones, but as it gets warmer I will probably go back to doing life hacks, diys ect. I have been struggling for ideas recently (I hate Winter) but I am trying my best. If you have any suggestions for what I should post, please comment them. It would help a lot! :b

-Florenceeliza xox